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Elora can help
you find fresh truffles.

American-grown truffles delivered to you within one day of discovery.

Black Perigord Truffle
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If you don’t know about American truffles. find out what chefs are saying about them.

“I walk into a chef’s kitchen with a tub of fresh American-grown truffles. Our southern Appalachian terroir is part of the sauce. They pick the ones that will pair exquisitely with their menu. No other “farm-to-table” even comes close!”

Tom Michaels

Dr. Tom Michaels, PhD
Truffle farmer and the first person to raise the American black perigord truffle in quantity.

“Pecan truffles that Elora finds have a smokiness, almost like a hickory nut flavor. I like the fact that they are  harvested in North Carolina and I can get them fresh from the field the day after Elora finds them.”

Andrea Reusing

Andrea Reusing,
James Beard Award
chef at Lantern in
Chapel Hill, NC

“I think the Appalachian truffle, with its sweet, cinnamon aroma, can compete head-to-head with the white Alba truffle."

Note: The white Alba, or T. magnatum, is the most expensive truffle in the world. It has never been successfully cultivated.


Frank Ruta,
Executive Chef at Knightsbridge Restaurant, Washington, D.C.

Truffles have a shelf life of five days.

We will send your order the day after Elora finds the truffles in the field.

Pasta with truffles
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Tuber borchii

ary to April

Bianchetto truffles are among the world’s most prizes truffles. They are walnut-to apricot-sized, with a delicious taste and aroma described as earthy, sharp, garlicky, and buttery.

These are the four truffle varieties that we hunt in the United States.



Tuber lyonii

July to November


Pecan truffles are native to North America and are found mainly in the southern United States in pecan orchards. They have a unique slightly musty, nutty aroma. The truffle has a buff-colored skin and can be knobby. Chefs use these truffles in pasta and meat dishes.


Tuber canaliculatum

August to December


Very chic with its cinnamon-colored skin and black and white flesh, the Appalachian truffle is one of North America’s best kept secrets. Its powerful sweet and musky aroma adds an exquisite touch to risotto, pasta, or egg dishes.



Tuber melanosporum

December to February


Called the black winter truffle, it is known as the culinary diamond of the kitchen. Native to Europe, this truffle has been cultivated in parts of North America. The aroma is earthy, with hints of molasses, chocolate and tobacco.

What makes Elora's Truffles different?

We have Elora, an Italian 'truffle dog' who has been trained to root out truffles at their peak of freshness.

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These are our services. Please contact us to find out how we can help you find some truffles.

Truffles for Sale

Truffles for Sale

All of our truffles are harvested by Elora and will be shipped to you overnight. Truffles have a short shelf life and should be consumed within one week. You can hold them longer, but the aroma will decrease with time. Contact us to put your name on a list so we can ship as soon as product is available.

Mike Riggan with Elora

Harvesting of Truffles

Last year, Elora—followed closely by Mike Riggan—located over 200 pounds of truffles including Bianchetto truffles, black perigord, pecan truffles, Appalachian truffles, and various other native varieties. If you are having trouble harvesting your truffles in your orchard, please email us today to set up a meeting. 

Truffle orchard survey

Truffle Orchard Survey

Before we begin our work with your truffle harvest, we will need to visit your property with Elora to conduct a survey and determine the strategy for your orchard. If you are unsure how to increase your production, please email us to set up a call.

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Here is what our truffle partners say about Elora:

“Elora found truffles where I didn’t know they even existed and our yields were almost double in just one year. If the truffles are there, one thing is certain, Elora will find them and tell you all about it with her very happy announcements!”

Ben Byrd

Ben Byrd

Truffle Orchard Owner

"Elora is Amazing! When she shows up to work my orchard she never disappoints! I have never seen a dog so talented in hunting truffles. If you have truffles, Elora will find them. Guaranteed!”

Wendy Cheek

Wendy Cheek
Truffle Orchard Owner

"Elora has made my truffle harvesting successful. Without Mike Riggan bringing his ‘Wonder Dog’ to help us, I would not be harvesting. Elora and Mike have made a huge difference in my truffle business and I am grateful for their help."

Dr. A.K. Griffin

Black Perigord Truffle Orchard, co-owner

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